Optimist Club of Haldimand helps to bring out the best in youth

Optimist Club of Haldimand helps to bring out the best in youth
HALDIMAND—Katie Ruberu of Ruberu Tutoring accepting the $500 cheque from Vice President Paul Gross of the Optimist Club of Haldimand. Together they intend to bring out the best in our youth. —Submitted photo.

By Optimist Paul Gross

To The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Once in a while a new club forms and people might wonder, “What are they all about? I have not heard of them before”. The Optimist Club of Haldimand is fairly new and our mission is very simple, “Bring out the best in every child/youth”, one child at a time, one endeavor at a time, and one opportunity at a time.

We foster our youth to be: responsible citizens; community service-minded; explorers of their talents and leadership potential; and respectful of self, others, and the law. In short, we support youth on their road to being good citizens with a sense of connectedness to their community by developing what they are interested in and watching it spill into the greater community.

Being a new group, we had the luxury of deciding, within the by-laws of Optimist International, things we need or do not need.

We recognized paying a mortgage, rent, hydro, gas, etc. were not needed to support our goals. To that end, we looked around the community for a business who could support our mission by providing a dependable, clean, meeting space. Cayuga Mutual Insurance, a true friend of Optimists, stepped up and are providing their excellent facility to us on an ongoing basis.

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