Steps taken to reopen Hwy. 6 bypass

Steps taken to reopen Hwy. 6 bypass
Argyle Street South blockade. —Haldimand Press photo by Jillian Zynomirski.

By Haldimand Press Staff

CALEDONIA—Demonstrators announced Monday that the barricades on the Highway 6 bypass in Caledonia will be opened “by the end of the week.”

Along with reopening the bypass, Skyler Williams, spokesperson for the McKenzie Meadows site, renamed 1492 Land Back Lane, said the Argyle and McKenzie street barricades will also “be moved back slightly.” While these roads will remain closed, access was expected to be given to the nearby church, businesses, and the hydro station on each side of the Argyle blockade.

Once demonstrators are off the roadway, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will have to undertake an assessment and repair of the road before it can be reopened to the public. Paolo Bonilla, Communications Coordination for the MTO West Region, stated, “Once access to the Highway 6 bypass can be safely facilitated, the Ministry and their service providers will inspect the highway to determine the scope of any necessary repairs. Once the scope is known, required repair work will be scheduled and this information can be shared.”

Kyra Hayes, Supervisor of Corporate Affairs for Haldimand County, similarly said they were unable to comment on specifics as of press time as the reopening had not yet occurred, but that more details are expected in the coming days and weeks.

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