Thankful for progress made, and for continued efforts

Thankful for progress made, and for continued efforts

When turning to Page 9 in recent weeks, it has been great to see the efforts of Haldimand and Norfolk paying off as the curve appeared to be flattening. Although a recent outbreak among workers at a farm in Vittoria brought over 160 new cases to our area health unit’s case count, our local frontline workers continue to do everything they can to help slow the spread and keep our community healthy. Our community’s frontline workers definitely deserve some recognition.

It is because of the progress made in reducing positive COVID-19 cases that various levels of government have begun lifting restrictions. As a long-time supporter of local business, The Press is happy to see many neighbours being able to open their doors again and resume business with safety in mind. It is hard to be a small business, but with the support of a community small businesses can thrive and in turn help the surrounding area grow.

While it can be easy to think of a business as some kind of special entity, the fact remains that businesses and organizations of all sizes are made up of people. Even the most technologically advanced factory still needs someone to control, maintain, and repair that technology, to keep things clean, answer phone calls, pay bills and taxes, and so on. Every business has a face, or many faces, putting in the time to keep the cogs turning.

Some of these faces are easily seen, from the cashier who rings out your groceries, to the pharmacist who fills your prescription, to the postal worker that retrieves your package for you. In addition to those essential workers on the frontline, there are just as many essential workers who continue on behind the scenes. While you may not see them or interact with them directly, they are there and they are equally needed. This includes cleaners, administrators, maintenance workers, and many more.

We at The Press would like to extend our gratitude to all essential workers, including our own staff, for their continued dedication and hard work to keep our community thriving.

As a token of our appreciation, The Haldimand Press has extended an offer for free subscriptions to all employees of our two local hospitals – Haldimand War Memorial and West Haldimand General. While we cannot thank every essential worker in our community in this way, we felt this was a step we could take to thank a few hundred of them across a variety of roles.

These efforts to give thanks have already been taken up by many others in our community as well. This includes Heaslip Ford, who previously provided free meals and PPE to West Haldimand General and Anson Place. They are now planning to provide restaurant gift certificates to employees of Hagersville grocery stores and pharmacies, which simultaneously thanks the essential workers and provides some support to local restaurants. The Press is proud to have been able to give a small donation to this cause as well.

There are many ways to show your appreciation to the thousands of frontline workers keeping our community running during this pandemic. From donating to fundraisers, to making efforts to socially distance and keep everyone safe, to giving workers a kind word or smile when you do interact – even the smallest gesture can make someone’s day. We encourage everyone to consider some way to pay it forward to an essential worker near you.

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