Winners who “caught” the Ace wins $25,000

Winners who “caught” the Ace wins $25,000
On November 7, 2018, Bob and Aaron won a grand total of $24,641 which they will share. A total of $15,098 was given away in nightly winnings. - Submitted photo

CALEDONIA — Habitat for Humanity Haldimand County Chapter had a very successful Catch the Ace fundraiser at the Caledonia Legion thanks to all the wonderful supporters who donated each week. After 43 weeks, Bob Hernden and Aaron Carviel caught the extremely sought after Ace of Spades!

Haldimand Habitat raised a net total of $29,548.49 for their first home build in Dunnville. Catch the Ace has really caught on in Haldimand County.

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