Xplornet takes over another local company to expand in Haldimand

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Over the last several months, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Xplornet has been making moves to expand their services further into the heart of Ontario’s rural communities, with Haldimand County being no exception. To this end, the ISP has been swallowing up existing local service providers, which has some local residents up in arms.

With Xplornet already purchasing local providers Detour Wireless, Silo Wireless, and Metro Loop last year, 2021 is beginning the year with another local network, OptionsDSL, being absorbed by the divisive company.

“The decision to sell primarily was a personal one for my partner. He has deteriorating health, as well as his wife, and the stress of running the company is just getting to be too much,” explained Dave Massey, co-owner of OptionsDSL, on their decision to sell. “Other factors included the recent decision for the County to build its own network with another company, incoming competition from the likes of Starlink, and Xplornet is under new ownership and is committed to spending millions on rural service in the county and other rural areas.”

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