Council reviews Addition to Reserve requests in Hagersville and Caledonia

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—County staff provided Council with a look at recent changes to the Federal Addition to Reserve (ATR) process, and what implications those changes might mean locally.

“The report is outlining where we have Addition to Reserve requests. We have one beside Hagersville, and we have three beside Caledonia,” said County CAO Craig Manley.

The Federal government introduced new legislation regarding ATR proposals in 2019, which outlined a new, four-step process. Initially, First Nations Council must submit an application outlining details about the land and their interest in it. Next, an assessment and review takes place during which any and all information required must be submitted or the process will stall. Once the proposal is complete, First Nations must complete a work plan to address any legal matters, environmental studies, government consultations, and discussions with local governments related to bylaws, services, planning, and tax losses.

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