Eldest man in Haldimand?

Eldest man in Haldimand?
George Culver

By Valerie Posthumus

The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—Born in Dunnville in 1917, George Culver has lived in Dunnville his entire life. On March 16, 2019 Culver, a resident at Grandview Lodge, will turn 102 years young.

His family lived on Lock Street when he was born and Culver said, “I still have my baby book, and a record by my mom said that when I was just months old I made my first automobile trip to grandpa’s, which was in Fenwick. Can you imagine going by car in those days? There weren’t roads much and the cars were not much better.”

Culver is the eldest of five children. He had two sisters and two brothers who have passed away and one sister, age 80, who lives in Ottawa. Culver’s father, who was a drilling contractor with three rigs, died when Culver was just 20 years old. Culver ran the estate for two years before buying the rigs.

“My uncle and I formed a partnership, Patterson and Culver Contractors. We operated from 1940 to about 1960 when I bought him out. It then became Culver Drilling Company Limited, which I ran until about 1970,” said Culver.

After finishing with Culver Drilling Company, he worked as a Field Superintendent for the Lake Erie Division of Place Gas and Oil. He drilled wells and managed there from 1970 to 1980 out of Nanticoke.

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