Haldimand 4-H Book Club members share COVID-19 experiences

The Haldimand 4-H Book Club began in March at the Cayuga Public Library. In response to COVID-19, the club switched to online meetings. For the club’s Achievement Project, leaders Marie Peart and Stephanie Huitema asked members to write an essay about “Your COVID experience and what role 4-H Book Club played in it” to be published in The Haldimand Press. This week’s essay is by Olivia Van Ravenswaay.

My covid-19 experience

By Olivia Van Ravenswaay

Spending four (going on five) months in quarantine has been hard, to say the least. When the virus hit Ontario, the government spent no time closing our everyday lives to protect us. I remember when I found out that we wouldn’t be returning to school immediately after March Break. It seemed like some sort of glorious miracle, two more weeks of vacation. Saying goodbye to friends at school was a flurry of excitement. For me, I had just found out that my cousins in Québec were also going to be out of school. I was ecstatic; they would be able to drive down and visit. Reality struck two days later, the first Sunday of March Break.

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