Have your say: Change Bill 124

Have your say: Change Bill 124

Dear Premier Ford,

We are writing to express our extreme displeasure and concern at the result of the recent ONA (Ontario Nurse’s Association) arbitration ruling.

In our opinion, Bill 124 is very unfair and disrespectful and in fact, we believe, smacks of residual sexism towards a still predominantly female profession. Other predominantly male oriented professionals (i.e. some municipal police, firefighters) are exempt from this bill and there is absolutely no reason why the nurses shouldn’t be as well.

Your own words recently were to call nurses heroes. Is this how you treat the nursing heroes when they also literally put their lives on the line for all of us? Change the bill!

Thank you,

Flora and Doug Miller,


            Editor’s Note: This letter was sent directly to Premier Doug Ford in regard to Bill 124, which imposes salary and total compensation caps on public sector employees of non-profit organizations that received at least $1 million in funding from the Government of Ontario. This includes hospitals, school boards, children’s aid societies, etc. Introduced and passed in 2019, increases have been limited to 1% each year for three years unless otherwise exempted.

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