What lies ahead for tourism and culture sectors in Ontario and locally?

By MPP Toby Barrett    

There is no doubt tourism, sport, and area festivals are being impacted by pandemic restrictions. The question remains where we will be over the next 18 months?

Highlights for many are the parades and festivals across our area. These bring people into Haldimand and Norfolk who spend money in our local economy. These have been cancelled going into fall – the impact of which is still to be seen.

From Lowbanks in Haldimand to Long Point in Norfolk, the Grand River and the Lake Erie shoreline traditionally attracts day trippers and boat, cottage, and trailer owners. With restrictions, to what extent are visitors continuing to boost our downtown economies?

In the culture and heritage sector, while some activity is resuming under Stage 2, museums, sporting events, and performances are dependent on gatherings of people. Even if restrictions on large gatherings are lifted, physical distancing would result in significant reductions in capacity.

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