Have your say: Class assignment

Have your say: Class assignment

To the Editors,

This is in response to the article “‘Insensitive’ school assignment sparks parent’s call for change in way Hamilton’s Catholic board handles racism” by  Sebastian Bron in The Hamilton Spectator.

I completely agree and disagree with Denika Manswell on her points she brought  forward in this article. I will start off with what I agree with. The N… word has no place in society whether it is used in homes, school, or the community as a whole. It is offensive to be used against another person. There is much work society as a whole needs to do to help with removing racism and to stop using this word would be a good place to start. No one deserves to have the N… word used against them or any other racial slur for that matter. We all belong to the human race and should be treated equally.

Which brings me to what I disagree with from this article. Denika Manswell took offense to this class assignment:

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