Have Your Say: Re: Destreaming in education

Have Your Say: Re: Destreaming in education

To the Editors,

I was elected from 2000-2006 as the representative for Haldimand County as school board trustee sitting on the Grand Erie District School Board.

In the summer of 2003, the Conservative government at the time asked all school boards to review their essentials school program. There are three streams: academic, applied, and essential. Essential programs are designed for students who wished to move into apprentice programs or go right into the work environment. Because it was well known that I had great interest in these programs, the Chair of the Board at the time, Arlene Everetts, put me on this committee where I was then voted to serve as the Chair.

This committee did some amazing work. From this committee came the starting point of what would become known as “Pathway to Success”. Pathway to Success would take a year to finally come together with a whole host of input. When Grand Erie rolled this program out it was so well received the school board was awarded the Ontario Award of Excellence in Education. This program not only went across Ontario, we also had requests to send it to some boards in British Columbia and a number of US cities such as Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. My guess would be the board was asked many more times since I left.

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