Lansdowne Children’s Centre enhances access for HN families

Lansdowne Children’s Centre enhances access for HN families
HALDIMAND—Derek Caldwell (left) is a Lansdowne Speech Language Pathologist who works in the Preschool Speech and Language program. —Submitted photo.

To The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—There’s something new across Haldimand and Norfolk to help local kids with physical, communication, or developmental challenges live their best lives. Lansdowne Children’s Centre, which supports children and youth from birth through to end-of-school, has expanded its presence with new dedicated staffing and sites so Haldimand and Norfolk families can get service closer to home.

Lansdowne Children’s Centre began providing pediatric rehabilitation therapy at Norfolk General Hospital in 1997, moving to Simcoe’s 12 Colborne Street’s EarlyON Child and Family Centre in 2007, regularly seeing families in other EarlyON sites and family homes across both counties.

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