Letter from the editors: Submissions

Letter from the editors: Submissions

Flipping through the pages of The Press, you may notice that several of our items are submitted. We gladly accept community submissions, which helps our community paper reach all corners of the county and all kinds of events that we would otherwise not be able to attend, given that we only have the resources to cover so many things in one week. We thank everyone who works with the paper in this way.

Sending an update to us would be a great way for readers to keep up with what your group is doing. Submissions may come from: Not-for profit organizations, sports teams, schools, and community groups/service clubs.

Keep in mind length: Up to 500 words is acceptable. However, the longer the submission, the harder it is to fit into the paper; it is always best to be as concise as possible.

Photos are always a great addition: Send us the highest resolution photo you have. Originals are always best, rather than photos that have been edited, cropped, or downloaded from Facebook. Preferably take more than one photo; someone usually gets caught with their eyes closed in one! Please try to name the people in the photo and name the person who took the photo, so we can give credit.

Individuals are also able to submit articles about Haldimand residents who have done something unique or who have made an achievement of some kind, but in this case it is best to speak with our editorial team first to make sure we haven’t had something on them recently or don’t already have a story in the works.

Those wanting to voice their opinion on current events or those with ideas to share with other residents are welcome to write us a letter to the editor.

So whether you have an update or letter to publish, or whether you’re looking to submit a news or story tip, you can email publishers@haldimandpress.com.


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