Libro stands with local farmers and businesses: Are you Loyal 2 Local?

Libro stands with local farmers and businesses: Are you Loyal 2 Local?

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Life is different these days, but one thing that remains the same is the commitment we can trust from our local farmers and businesses.

We should all express gratitude to farmers and other agricultural workers, even during the best of times. They’re vital to our everyday, working to keep us all supplied and fed.

Our modern agrifood system has shown itself to be resilient through this pandemic. Our farm sector has been continuing to produce and deliver high quality products that find their way into our homes. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, we owe a greater debt to farmers than ever.

Take a minute to think about where your last meal, or next meal, is coming from. The many hard-working hands that help put that meal on your table are part of a vital industry that drives economic growth to every corner of southwestern Ontario.

Yes, we have seen limited shortages of some products on grocery shelves, which has been attributed to panic buying, and a processing sector that had to pivot from larger bulk packaging used in restaurant and food service sectors to the smaller packaging favoured by consumers. But, through this pandemic we continue to benefit from the resiliency of our modern agri-food system.

Dave Vanos, Agriculture Markets Manager, explains in a blog published on, “This pandemic isn’t alone  among challenges for the ag sector. Our food producers constantly work through weather challenges, trade challenges, price volatility, new crop pests, and livestock diseases, to only mention a few. Through it all producers and industry continue to answer the call, bringing innovative solutions to these challenges and producing at ever-increasing levels.”

He says that Libro has proudly supported more than 3,200 farm and agri-business owners with world class services including $1.2B in lending to all sectors. Libro is behind producers across the agricultural sector including grains and oilseeds, dairy, pork, beef, poultry, egg, sheep, goat, orchards, vegetables, greenhouses, and more.

We know one of the biggest challenges facing the prosperity of our region is local food accessibility and as one of the key focus areas of Libro, many conversations are underway to improve food systems and increase access to local food for all.

We believe Libro has an important voice within Canadian agriculture. We’ve stood with farmers for more than 75 years, and we will continue to do so.

This summer, Libro launched a challenge to all 700 employees to show support for local businesses with our ‘Loyal 2 Local Challenge’. Every staff and board member and Owner Representative received $25 to buy something from their favourite local business and post about it on social media, tagging Libro and using #Loyal2LocalChallenge.

Emily Strybosch, Brand Specialist at Libro, who initiated the Loyal 2 Local Challenge, said, “Many people are already supporting local businesses during the pandemic and we want to encourage more to join in.”

And that’s exactly what’s happening. Since the launch of the challenge, 55 credit unions and four credit union-affiliated organizations from across Canada have joined in. By searching #Loyal2LocalChallenge on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can see the impact credit union employees have made across Canada. This nation-wide credit union-driven initiative speaks to our co-operative values and mission, and the wave of support on social media continues.

She added, “It makes sense for our local economy, too, because money spent locally keeps more of our resources in our area.”

We want Haldimand and Norfolk counties to know that Libro stands with local farmers and businesses. And by making a conscious commitment to support a local farmer or business, you join Libro in the movement to grow prosperity right here in southwestern Ontario.

That’s our ask to you – continue to show gratitude to our livestock farmers, grain farmers, the greenhouse sector, farm service, and supply companies by supporting them, too.

If you like the way Libro is doing business, then you should consider doing your business with Libro. Choose to bank with a financial institution where care for our community, local economy, and your financial prosperity are one and the same.

Visit or give us a call. We’re here to help.

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