Residential developments coming to Caledonia and Fisherville

Residential developments coming to Caledonia and Fisherville

By Lindsey Stuckless

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Council approved the second phase of the redevelopment on the former Slack Plaza property in Caledonia and a new residential development in Fisherville on May 7, 2019.

Staff presented Council with a report regarding a second building in the Slack Plaza, as well as requesting a minor by-law amendment to allow for more flexible retail space on the lower level of the first phase building.

The proposed new building will be three storeys and include 18 residential units to be geared towards seniors. The condominiums will be for purchase and do not fall under affordable housing.

This property on Argyle Street North is being rebuilt after the original Slack Plaza was destroyed by fire in September 2015. The first phase of the development was approved for a three storey building with 52 residential apartments on the second and third floors, along with commercial and office space on the ground floor.

A public meeting was held on April 9, 2019 to hear concerns from the public about the additional development. Issues raised included parking, noise and light pollution, and an increase in traffic on an already busy corridor. Ward 3 Councillor Dan Lawrence says many people have come forward with parking concerns: “I don’t want residents of Orkney to have their parking circumvented because of the new buildings.”

Also voicing concerns about the second building was Orkney neighbour Rob Duncan. Duncan said he has issues with, among other things: noise, lack of privacy, and parking.

General Manager of Community and Development Services Craig Manley said that this property was once industrial and is now transitioning to primarily residential, which is more in line with the area. He said staff have worked to ensure all technical reports and standards have been met.

“The bottom line is people will see the building. We can’t just fence it off; it has to co-exist in the area,” said Manley. He added that the parking standards have been met and staff believe they are appropriate, but if people begin to park incorrectly, the by-laws will be enforced.

Council approved the new build and by-law amendment to the first build 5-0.

Council also unanimously approved an application and zoning by-law amendment for a residential build in Fisherville.

The project was submitted by Black Tower Investments and would consist of a maximum build of seven single-detached dwellings. The homes would be built as an extension on Held Crescent.

A public meeting was held on April 15 with questions asked and answered regarding construction timelines, drainage, and transportation, among other concerns.

Developers will now submit a draft plan with all conditions to be met before moving forward. No date has been given for when construction will begin, but the builders are planning to use the lots to build custom homes similar to those in the current neighbourhood.

Both votes are expected to be ratified when Council meets on May 13.


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