Saint Lucy of Miracles reminds us to be a light this season

Saint Lucy of Miracles reminds us to be a light this season

By MPP  Toby Barrett

While most families adopt their own special Christmas traditions, the season is celebrated much the same across households in Haldimand Norfolk. Sending cards, displaying outdoor lights, finding and trimming the tree, preparing the meal and enjoying time together is how many see the holidays.

Over the years, as we embark on the Christmas season, my staff enjoy taking a break from talking about government issues in this column. Exploring Christmas traditions, legends, and folklore has piqued their interest. A recent Facebook post caught Bobbi Ann’s eye – it was from someone who had spent time in Sweden and had learned of Nordic traditions including the story of Sankta Lucia.

Saint Lucia (Lucy) was born in Sicily in the third century AD to a Christian family at a time when the Romans were labelling Christians as troublemakers and cannibals. Although already engaged, Lucia, upon the death of her father, refused the marriage and vowed to devote her life to Christians in hiding.

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