Skydive Ontario continues to clash with neighbouring community

Skydive Ontario continues to clash with neighbouring community
CAYUGA—A local resident managed to capture a snapshot of a parachutist from Skydive Ontario walking down Highway 3 with their parachute still attached. —Photo submitted by Curran Carver.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

CAYUGA—Local residents are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of resolution to their years-long complaints regarding Skydive Ontario.

While the overbearing noise of planes flying over their homes remains a large part of local residents’ complaints, it is not the only issue on the mind of local resident Curran Carver.

Carver, who works in the film industry and lives with his 84-year-old mother Mary Galli on Windecker Road South, has been monitoring Skydive Ontario and believes it is a tragic accident waiting to happen.

“I got some video of parachutists landing on the airstrip while the plane was landing. Actually, they were landing before, during, and after the plane was landing,” said Carver.

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