Students at JCCS say no to bullying

Students at JCCS say no to bullying
JARVIS—On Wednesday, February 24, French students in Grades 3-8 at Jarvis Community Christian School (JCCS) were busy designing and decorating their pink shirts in support of Anti-Bullying Day. This very important day is a reminder that we appreciate, love, and stand up for our classmates, friends, family, neighbours, and everyone else. Some students designed shirts with ways that they could try to diffuse a bullying situation while helping out the victim and other students decorated with powerful slogans to say “no to bullying.” Terrific job, JCCS! Bryson Arrendell, Liliana Addison, Isla Zandberg, Ella Salverda, Zane Hicks, and Dominic Dykstra show off their fabulous designs.
JARVIS—Ethan Anema shows off his great T-shirt above.


JARVIS—Gavin Stewart, Matthew Petheram, Drew Gibbons, Ryan DeWaard, Kaitlyn Stam, and Sophie VanBenthem proudly display their T-shirt creations.
JARVIS—Olivia VanBenthem, Caidence Hicks, Madalyn Dykstra, Adrian Anema, Karsten VanBenthem, and Jayden Helder display their T-shirts.
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