New recruits provide comfort during times of emergency

New recruits provide comfort during times of emergency
DUNNVILLE—Phil Hauser (left), Pharmacist and President, Hauser's Pharmacy and Home Healthcare, is shown with Haldimand County paramedics Bryan Smith, Tanya Opatovsky, and Eric Diamanti. —Photo courtesy of Hauser’s Pharmacy.

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DUNNVILLE—When Haldimand County Paramedic Services head out on a response, they have some extra help to call into action. From a recent collaboration with Hauser’s Pharmacy and Home Healthcare, more than 500 plush teddy bears have become standard equipment on local emergency service vehicles, used to provide comfort to children who are affected in times of crisis.

“It only makes sense to ensure children are taken care of, nurtured, and made to feel comfortable when they are exposed to traumatic situations and to help turn a stressful situation a little more comforting and what better way to make a child smile than with something as simple as a teddy bear to hold,” said Phil Hauser, Pharmacist and President of Hauser’s Pharmacy and Home Healthcare.

The bears were recently presented to Haldimand County Paramedic Services’ deputy chiefs Dan Williston and Joe Pacheo from Hauser. Williston said, “We’re so happy to have them, giving a child a cute cuddly bear will take them from high stress, to a better comfort level; it makes it easier for the paramedics and the patient. We’re in a situation that’s very stressful for a child and to give them something that’s warm and friendly, it most likely will calm them down enough for us to be able to deal with the situation.”

“Can a teddy bear really make that much of a difference? Absolutely! Putting a smile on a child’s face in a stressful emergency is one of our top priorities, despite the circumstances, it’s a way for them to be comforted, it’s something they can hold on to, that may make them feel safer,” said Pacheo.

Once the physical and medical needs have been met by paramedics, something as simple as a teddy bear can bring profound comfort to a child who is going through a very traumatic experience, additionally paramedics can gift the bear with any patient that they believe would benefit from its positive effect. Williston, added, “The Paramedic Services appreciates the collaboration of community members like Phil Hauser, who without hesitation decided this comforting gesture was important to the well-being of children who are found in these difficult situations.”

The plush bears are definitely one positive step the Paramedic Services are making any emergency a little bit easier for children.

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